Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mesquite Grove Aquatic Center

Well it's heating up in AZ...time for water fun!  We had our first of many trips to Mesquite Grove Aquatic Center this weekend.  First of all, this place is the deal of the Season, only $1 per kid, and $2.25 per adult...$8.50 for our whole family! 

It's basically a mini water park, complete with zero depth entry interactive water play for the littles, slides for the big kids (including Daddy!), lap pool (who the heck swims laps at a water park?), lazy river (Carson calls them boat races), splash pad, and vortex if you like to swim in circles. 

Although the kids and I went last year with Meagan and Emma, this was Daddy's first time...he had a great time!  I was concerned about how Ava would do, with the heat, commotion, splashing, etc.  Well, as always, needless worry, she did great, and enjoyed splashing herself!  Hunter finally worked up enough courage to brave the big slides this year...and now we can't keep him off. 

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