Monday, May 16, 2011

Grandpa Visit

We were excited to have grandpa visit us this weekend!  He was in town for the weekend to attend Jessica's graduation from Law school.  He got to meet Ava for the first time too!  On Saturday we all went down to Tucson for the graduation and after party.  I caught this great picture of a dust devil right next to the highway on the way down! 

It was really nice to see Mack, Jessica, Nick and a few others we hadn't seen in a while (bummed we didn't take more pictures!).  The boys had fun swimming, and the food was plentiful.

After we got back home Grandpa took Blake and Logan on rides around the block on the motorcycle (Hunter and Carson chickened out). 
Unfortunately the visit wasn't long enough (they never are!).  We look forward to see him again soon.

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