Thursday, March 31, 2011


BIG word!  Our dear little Hunter and Carson had their tonsils and adenoids out, after a year of nearly back to back strep throat.  Mommy worried away the days (and nights) leading up to the surgeries...even having dreams that we didn't make it in time for the surgeries, which almost happened!  Surgeries were scheduled at the Tempe Surgery center at 7:45am and 8:30am respectively.  We left home at 6:30am to give plenty of time to get checked in.  An hour later, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic thanks to an accident, we reached the freeway to find it closed down by the sheriff!  Oh dear!!  So, we'll travel alongside the freeway until we can get on...another accident, again, stopped in traffic.  I call the surgery center, to tell them what is going on, and that we're not going to make it in time, I'm panic stricken!   They were understanding, laughing at the tone of my voice (near tears!), they say "we'll see ya when you get here."  Finally get on the freeway, about two miles later, yet another accident involving 2 lanes, the freeway is stopped, get passed that and come to a sign that says there is yet another accident, involving 3 lanes of traffic at our exit...I get off the freeway, deciding to drive along the freeway again...and what do you know, that street is down to one lane, because they are laying pipes in the road (of course they are I thought!).  Ava's screaming, she's hungry!  Two hours later, 8:20am we arrive at the surgery center, frayed nerves to say the least. 

The surgery center was great, they took the kids right back.  Before we knew it, Carson was walking back to "blow up the balloon" aka, sedation!  As they were prepping for Hunter, the Doctor was already informing us that Carson was out of surgery, and had done great.  WOW, that was fast!!  Before we knew it, Hunter was being taken back to "blow up the balloon."  Still trying to recover from the stress of the drive, I thought, pass the balloon this way, Mommy needs it! 


Before we knew it the nurse was walking us back to be with Carson in recovery.  Expecting to see him upset, we were very relieved to find him laying peacefully in the recovery room, drinking some apple juice...we can now exhale!  As we were sitting there with Carson, Hunter was being wheeled into the next room, recovering equally as well as his brother!  What a relief!!  Scott and I took turns walking from one room to another to comfort our little troopers.  Eventually they moved both boys into one room so we could all be together. 

Carson in recovery

Hunter in recovery
Around 11:00am we were able to go home, and in case you were wondering, yes, the ride home was much smoother!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Big 34!

It's my 34th Birthday today!  I've been queen for the day.  Scott and the boys have made sure that I have been treated the way ever birthday girl should!

Last night Scott took all the boys to the grocery store to shop for my birthday dinner.  They went all out, steak, crab legs, salad, garlic bread, baked potato, and strawberry shortcake for desert!  Mmmmmm!!  He was so focused on the task at hand, and maybe a little distracted by the boys, that he forgot to use the shoppers card...yep paid full price for everything!  Nothing says I Love you like paying full price!!  The frugal girl in me is still trying to recover, haha.  Scott woke up early this morning, and made me coffee, and brought it to me in was fun having a cabana boy!  He spent the afternoon researching on the Internet, how to cook crab legs.  The boys spent much of the day making me gifts and pictures, even wrapping them (in Christmas wrap and blue painters sweet).

Scott did wonderfully on dinner, I'm impressed!  I proposed that he take over cooking for now on, but I don't think he's sold on the idea.  Dinner was topped off with Strawberry shortcake.  Even served me!!

I already have everything I could possibly ever want, and today just sealed the deal!  I'm a lucky girl :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty's Day

We enjoyed celebrating the Irish in all of us!  Of course we had to have the annual corned beef and cabbage (yes, I know it's not traditional Irish fare, but we don't eat much lamb).  This year we were invited to spend a day in the park with friends. 

The kids had fun making festive green sun visors, Blake even made one for Ava.  The boys especially loved the Leprechaun treasure hunt!  They searched for clues hidden in the park, that led them to the buried treasure, a bounty of candy!! 

It was nice to enjoy the wonderful spring weather we get in AZ...and the cupcakes weren't bad either!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amanda visits us!

We just love getting visits from Amanda, but they are never long enough!  This month was spring break and we were lucky to get to spend 6 days with her.  The boys like to fill her every waking moment with bike rides, fishing, games, crafts, etc. 

Ava and I enjoy having extra estrogen in the house, we're always out numbered with all these boys!  Girl chats and reminiscing about old times always keep us up past bedtime (mine not Amanda's).  Daddy loves having all his babies under the same roof, he is always content when we are all together . 

We look forward to our next visit!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Until we meet again...

Unfortunately our friends Derek, Meagan, and Emma left Arizona to start their new life in Colorado.  We're happy and excited for them, but we'll miss them too.  We've bonded over playdates, Moms nights, books, movies, family dinners, long chats and let's not forget Chick-Fil-A (with free coupons of course)!  True friendships can stand the test of time, and can span across state lines, but life here in AZ won't be the same without them

You've been great friends, and our home is always open to your family.  Until we meet again...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Backyard Makeover- Phase 1

We're excited to be making over our backyard!  We decided to go ahead with it after much consideration.  We had been advised against putting money into landscaping, as we will most likely not get a return on our investment.  However, we decided that having a nice yard would make our time here much more enjoyable.  This is our before pics...

Scott spent a week, setting up the forms for our new patio, and starting the fire pit.  Of course there were road blocks on the way, but Scott stayed up till nearly 2 in the morning, the night before the concrete was poured, to make sure everything would be just perfect...and Blake was right by his side.

The finished result is beautiful!!  Scott did a wonderful job, as always!  Stamped with a slate stamp, diagonal joints, bordered, multi-colored, looks amazing!  Now, onto the next phase...look for more updates!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ava is 4 months

We just love her!  She is just the apple of our eyes.  We never tire of kissing her cheeks, wathcing her sleep, rubbing her head, and kissing her toes.  People have commented to me how cute it is that the boys constantly stop what they are doing to come and kiss her on top of the head.  We are in love, all over again!