Friday, January 28, 2011

Show and Tell

Hunter's class has been doing Show and Tell to work on their public speaking skills.  I asked Hunter what he was planning on sharing with his class, and he said "Ava, I'm bringing Ava."  So Carson and I brought Ava in.  The kids went wild over Ava.  Mrs. Alvarado held Ava while Hunter told the class what it was like having a new baby sister. 

During the question and answer period, everyone said how pretty she was, and how awesome she was, and how they liked her clothes.  He beamed!  Ava seemed to really like having the center of attention.  Hunter is very proud of his baby sister, and enjoys being a big brother. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Icky Sickies!

As usual this time of year, we seem to be battling one sickness after another!  This year maybe even a little more than most.  This week both Hunter and Carson have been to the doctor and diagnosed once again with Strep Throat.  I say once again, because in the last ten months, Carson has had Strep throat six times, and Hunter has had it five times. This, along with the amount of swelling they have in their tonsills has been a cause for concern for the doctor.  They were each given referrals to the ENT to have consults for Tonsillectomies.  I hate the thought of putting them under general anesthesia, but know that it's probably for the best, and hopefully the end to that back to back strep throat. 

Ava has her third cold in her her eleven weeks of life.  Poor little thing!  She's had a barky (sounds like croup) cough since birth, and a few weeks ago we were referred to a pediatric pulmonologist, where she was diagnosed as having chondromalacia in her windpipe.  It's basically floppy cartilage, and it's expected that she will probably outgrow it by the age of two.  When she gets sick, the inflammation makes the cough worse, and she needs breathing treatments to bring the inflammation down.  She's a trooper though and handles it like a champ!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hunter Loses His First Tooth

Well, it finally happened!  After about a month of wondering if it really was loose, I finally could see Hunter's tooth, kinda tilted sideways a bit.  He'd been mentioning that he had a loose tooth, but wouldn't allow anyone to come near it (probably for fear someone would try to tie it to the bumper of the car and hit the gas pedal).  So I suggested that he wiggle it more, and he said "I'll just let the big tooth underneath to push it out."  A couple of days later, I picked him up from school, and he proudly announced that he'd lost his tooth!  He is now sporting a handsome empty spot in his mouth for all to see.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lilly's Farm

We enjoyed a day out of school this month and a trip to Lilly's Farm.  Lilly's Farm is a local family farm, ran by a Homeschoolin' Mama and her 4 kids.  The boys enjoyed collecting feathers from the different types of birds that live on the farm.
On the tour we learned about the different animals living on the farm, there were Tortoises, Turkeys, Goats, Chickens, Burros, Horses, and Pigs, just to name a few.  They also learned what types of food each animal eats and how to brush the horses
 The Favorite though was definitely riding the Horses and Ponies.  Carson was the first to give it a go on the Pony, but after that, Logan, Blake and Hunter were all interested, and hopped right up too.  And I do mean hopped, they each pretty much got into the saddle on their own, with a little guidance.  Carson even felt comfortable enough to ride the horse too!

The boys all really enjoyed the hands on experience they had.  As we were getting into the car, they were asking when we were going to be going back, and said they'd like for us to have a farm.  We may not have a farm, but we kinda have a zoo, I thought! 
And Ava, well, Ava just enjoyed sleeping the whole time in the Snugglie :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Carson Turns 4

January 9th marks Carson's Birthday, and this year he turned 4.  Looking back at last years Birthday picture I can see our baby has become such a big boy.  In the last month or so alone he's potty trained and learned to ride on two wheels!  He dresses himself, puts on his own shoes and socks, and can work most electronic devices better than we can.  There isn't anything that his big brothers can do that he isn't at least willing to try.  Thankfully, he's still my baby boy though, and isn't to big to cuddle with his Mommy yet!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 A Year In Review

January was the beginning with us settling in to our home in Arizona.  After an Exhausting year, trying to find a home in California, we finally gave in and moved to Arizona.  Blake and Logan quickly adjusted to their new school, Leading Edge Academy.  Scott and I spent the better part of the month sprucing up the, painting, and all that good stuff.  Scott spent 3 days assembling a redwood swing set in our backyard.  Carson turned 3.  Taylor and Amanda came for a visit!  We enjoyed a day at Saguaro Lake and they got to experience Sonic (I believe that may have been the highlight of their trip)!

February, was mostly spent battling sickies (as we do every winter).  Logan turned 8, and enjoyed spending the day playing with his remote control boat on the lake in our neighborhood. 

March began with a bang!  We were thrilled that we found out that we were expecting!  Not so thrilled however that for my 33 birthday I got Morning sickness, ugh! 

April definitely came in like a lion, and went out like one too.  We had fun celebrating Easter, and Blake's 10th birthday.  We spent plenty of time at the doctor, as strep throat viciously went through each of the boys.  We had a trip to the ER with Carson...who pulled a TV down on his leg, thankfully his leg was not broken.  The boys all had fun at our neighborhood fishing Derby.  And the month ended with an Ambulance coming out after Logan managed to step on a Catfish, which pierced through the bottom of his shoe, caused his shoe to be stuck onto his foot, and bleed pretty significantly, once again, thankfully he was fine!

May marked the end of the school year.  Blake and Logan made Honor Roll once again, and were rewarded with a trip to In-N-Out Burger for all their hard work.

In June we found out that our new addition was going to be a Baby GIRL!  We were excited to be able to be bringing pink into the house!!  The boys and I took a trip to a water park which was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately our AC went out, but I was relieved when it was repaired the next day.

In July our AC went out once again, ugh!  115 is no fun, especially when you've got no AC.  Thankfully it was fixed the next day, and this time, they fixed the real problem. We chose a name for our baby girl, Ava Grace.  Our Expedition was stolen, and recovered 4 days later, in perfect condition (Thank God again).

August was Back to School!  Fun, fun, fun, back to school shopping, clothes, shoes, supplies,'s the most wonderful time of the year!  Blake started 4th, Logan started 3rd, and Hunter began Kindergarten!

September was rather quiet and uneventful. I was finally in my third trimester, ready to meet our little Ava. 

October marked our 11th Wedding Anniversary.  We took the boys out to a steak house to celebrate, where they each ordered Prime Rib, even Carson...oh my.  My dear Friends Meagan and Becky blessed me with a baby shower!  All 4 boys had their first cavity free dentist appointment!!  I'd say October was a great month!  Let's not forget Halloween :)

November was thrilling!  Ava Grace Sabbe was born 11-5-10.  Born at 8:21pm, she weighed in at 8 pounds 1 ounce of pure joy, and 21 1/2 inches.  She was well worth the wait!

December, a whirlwind as usual.  Scott enjoyed the best gift ever for his birthday...Amanda came to visit us!  It was so nice having her here, but the visit went by way to quickly!  Hunter celebrated his 6th Birthday. We had fun decorating candy houses and making cookies for Santa. We all enjoyed Christmas, and of course the prime rib!

What a year!  What will 2011 bring!!