Monday, January 17, 2011

Lilly's Farm

We enjoyed a day out of school this month and a trip to Lilly's Farm.  Lilly's Farm is a local family farm, ran by a Homeschoolin' Mama and her 4 kids.  The boys enjoyed collecting feathers from the different types of birds that live on the farm.
On the tour we learned about the different animals living on the farm, there were Tortoises, Turkeys, Goats, Chickens, Burros, Horses, and Pigs, just to name a few.  They also learned what types of food each animal eats and how to brush the horses
 The Favorite though was definitely riding the Horses and Ponies.  Carson was the first to give it a go on the Pony, but after that, Logan, Blake and Hunter were all interested, and hopped right up too.  And I do mean hopped, they each pretty much got into the saddle on their own, with a little guidance.  Carson even felt comfortable enough to ride the horse too!

The boys all really enjoyed the hands on experience they had.  As we were getting into the car, they were asking when we were going to be going back, and said they'd like for us to have a farm.  We may not have a farm, but we kinda have a zoo, I thought! 
And Ava, well, Ava just enjoyed sleeping the whole time in the Snugglie :)

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