Thursday, January 27, 2011

Icky Sickies!

As usual this time of year, we seem to be battling one sickness after another!  This year maybe even a little more than most.  This week both Hunter and Carson have been to the doctor and diagnosed once again with Strep Throat.  I say once again, because in the last ten months, Carson has had Strep throat six times, and Hunter has had it five times. This, along with the amount of swelling they have in their tonsills has been a cause for concern for the doctor.  They were each given referrals to the ENT to have consults for Tonsillectomies.  I hate the thought of putting them under general anesthesia, but know that it's probably for the best, and hopefully the end to that back to back strep throat. 

Ava has her third cold in her her eleven weeks of life.  Poor little thing!  She's had a barky (sounds like croup) cough since birth, and a few weeks ago we were referred to a pediatric pulmonologist, where she was diagnosed as having chondromalacia in her windpipe.  It's basically floppy cartilage, and it's expected that she will probably outgrow it by the age of two.  When she gets sick, the inflammation makes the cough worse, and she needs breathing treatments to bring the inflammation down.  She's a trooper though and handles it like a champ!

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