Saturday, March 12, 2011

Backyard Makeover- Phase 1

We're excited to be making over our backyard!  We decided to go ahead with it after much consideration.  We had been advised against putting money into landscaping, as we will most likely not get a return on our investment.  However, we decided that having a nice yard would make our time here much more enjoyable.  This is our before pics...

Scott spent a week, setting up the forms for our new patio, and starting the fire pit.  Of course there were road blocks on the way, but Scott stayed up till nearly 2 in the morning, the night before the concrete was poured, to make sure everything would be just perfect...and Blake was right by his side.

The finished result is beautiful!!  Scott did a wonderful job, as always!  Stamped with a slate stamp, diagonal joints, bordered, multi-colored, looks amazing!  Now, onto the next phase...look for more updates!

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