Thursday, March 31, 2011


BIG word!  Our dear little Hunter and Carson had their tonsils and adenoids out, after a year of nearly back to back strep throat.  Mommy worried away the days (and nights) leading up to the surgeries...even having dreams that we didn't make it in time for the surgeries, which almost happened!  Surgeries were scheduled at the Tempe Surgery center at 7:45am and 8:30am respectively.  We left home at 6:30am to give plenty of time to get checked in.  An hour later, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic thanks to an accident, we reached the freeway to find it closed down by the sheriff!  Oh dear!!  So, we'll travel alongside the freeway until we can get on...another accident, again, stopped in traffic.  I call the surgery center, to tell them what is going on, and that we're not going to make it in time, I'm panic stricken!   They were understanding, laughing at the tone of my voice (near tears!), they say "we'll see ya when you get here."  Finally get on the freeway, about two miles later, yet another accident involving 2 lanes, the freeway is stopped, get passed that and come to a sign that says there is yet another accident, involving 3 lanes of traffic at our exit...I get off the freeway, deciding to drive along the freeway again...and what do you know, that street is down to one lane, because they are laying pipes in the road (of course they are I thought!).  Ava's screaming, she's hungry!  Two hours later, 8:20am we arrive at the surgery center, frayed nerves to say the least. 

The surgery center was great, they took the kids right back.  Before we knew it, Carson was walking back to "blow up the balloon" aka, sedation!  As they were prepping for Hunter, the Doctor was already informing us that Carson was out of surgery, and had done great.  WOW, that was fast!!  Before we knew it, Hunter was being taken back to "blow up the balloon."  Still trying to recover from the stress of the drive, I thought, pass the balloon this way, Mommy needs it! 


Before we knew it the nurse was walking us back to be with Carson in recovery.  Expecting to see him upset, we were very relieved to find him laying peacefully in the recovery room, drinking some apple juice...we can now exhale!  As we were sitting there with Carson, Hunter was being wheeled into the next room, recovering equally as well as his brother!  What a relief!!  Scott and I took turns walking from one room to another to comfort our little troopers.  Eventually they moved both boys into one room so we could all be together. 

Carson in recovery

Hunter in recovery
Around 11:00am we were able to go home, and in case you were wondering, yes, the ride home was much smoother!

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