Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ava is 5 months

Our baby girl is growing so fast its hard to believe!  At her well check she was almost 17 pounds!  She has graduated to 6-9 month clothes already and size 3 diapers. My plan was to start her on solids at 6 months, but it seemed she was showing genuine interest in our food, so one day I decided that I would mash up a banana for her and see what she thought of it...she liked it!  Next we tried sweet potato, that I baked and mashed up for her, she wasn't really sure about that, some days she likes it, others not so much.  Then a few days later, while making chocolate chip cookies, Carson asked for a spoon full of cookie dough (I know, it's not good to eat raw dough, but we've also survived it). Ava was in her high chair.  So, before I knew it, Carson was back for more.  I asked him where his spoon was, and he said he was sharing with Ava...sure enough, I turn around to find her sucking vigorously on a spoon full of cookie dough!  GASP!!!   So, to date, bananas, check, sweet potatoes, check, chocolate chip cookie dough, check.  Pretty sure we can check raw egg and chocolate off the list of foods she tolerates!

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