Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blakes Turns 11

Seems every time we turn around the kids are another year older.  Blake is only 5 years away from being driving age, 4 1/2 from a permit (he keeps reminding us)!  For now it's all about bikes, and skate boards (thank the Lord!).  This year Blake chose cash instead of presents, which came as no also came as no surprise that he wanted to go to the store almost immediately to figure out what he was going to buy (money burns holes in that kids pockets!).  Blake's intentions to save it were good, but in the end, splurging on Paper Jams won out.  For dinner we went out to eat at at Red Robin.  As soon as dinner was over he was read to go...but not so fast, here comes the staff, singing happy birthday.  Unfortunately, the battery on the camera  went dead, just as we were about to capture the shock on is face, darn!  Maybe next year!

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