Friday, December 23, 2011

Do NOT drink and drive!

Tonight, Amanda arrived :)  Well, I guess in the holiday rush, her bags didn't make it on the plane she was traveling on, and wouldn't be in for over three hours!  So she and Scott came home, we enjoyed dinner, then went back to the airport to get her bag.  On the way home, we nearly got side swiped by a car!  Thankfully with lots of sets of eyes, we spotted the car, and were able to change lanes.  We then realized the person behind the wheel was certainly under the influence of something.  We decided to follow, and call 911.  It was scary to watch as this driver nearly hit at least a dozen cars, and frustrating at the same time.  Each time the car exited the freeway or got back on we were transferred to the police department or to the highway patrol, new set of ears, and giving the same info over and over again to different dispatchers.  Finally, the car took out an exit sign, and began spinning as the car took out a good 50-100 feet of guard rail.  We stopped, Scott got out to make sure the person was alright.  Out of the passenger side crawls the driver...furloughed on work release from tent city.   Fortunately for her, her airbags probably saved her life.  Divine intervention most likely saved dozens of lives.  She was arrested as soon as the police arrived, I guess some people just don't learn.

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