Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day Visit to the Queen Creek Fire Station

Presidents Day, a day off school, and the Queen Creek Fire Department was gracious enough to let us come and take a tour of the fire station!  They gave us a very in depth tour of the fire truck, all the gear, and inside of the fire station. 

The boys loved learning all about the equipment, what it is used for, but of course the favorite part of the tour was being able to go into the fire truck!  All the buttons, and gadgets, and being so high off the ground!  We learned that they wash those fire trucks each and every day (since those trucks are purchased with tax dollars, they are responsible to take care of them very well). 
The tour was rounded out by a look inside the fire house, where the firemen gave us coloring books and special pencils.  We learned that a female is called a fire fightress, and they do have one that works at this particular station. They do everything that any other fire fighter does!  We finished the tour with a picture in front of the fire truck.

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