Monday, February 7, 2011

Logan's 9th Birthday

Logan has been so excited to be turning nine...getting closer to double digits!  As the day approached, I asked him where he wanted to go for his Birthday dinner, to which he replied, "Hooters!"  This year unfortunately, he woke up sick with a fever, boo!  On the bright side, that also meant a day off of school.  We lounged around the house most of the day.  He wasn't too sick to go and pick out his new iPod though.  He got one for Christmas and was thrilled, then left it on the car and it got ran over when Dad pulled out of the driveway, he's been wanting one ever since.  He chose an Orange one, and was dying for the moment that we could pick up his brothers from school and he could show it off!  And because in the end, slushies sounded better than Hooters, Sonic won the birthday boy over. The weather here was nice enough that we could sit outside and enjoy some fresh air.  Meagan and Emma joined us, we're always happy to have the company.


  1. So, Sonic won out over Hooters? I'm sorry he was sick on his birthday. Hopefully he won't be sick next year when he hits the big double digits.

  2. Haha, Nora, I forgot all about that, and I had to edit this post because of it. That is certainly something to remember!

  3. Angela, I gave you an award on my blog 8)

    Love the edit 8) Can't forget about Hooters!