Tuesday, July 26, 2011


At Ava's well child appointment, I thought it seemed odd that the doctor and nurses kept coming in and measuring Ava's head.  Then the doctor said that her head measured unusually large, and that he thought she should have a CT scan.  He said that a large head could be suggestive of hydrocephalus, bleeding in the brain, or brain tumors.  All scary things!  I mentioned that it would seem to me that if there was a problem like that she would probably not be hitting her milestones, or would seem uncomfortable, or unhappy...which just isn't Ava!  But, to make sure, I of course agreed to get one done.  I saw the order, and it listed "macrocephaly" as the diagnosis, so I went home and googled...ok, bad idea, because the images that came up were upsetting.  For two weeks I stressed over this darn Scan, since they were not planning on sedating her, the location had no restraints, and she'd need to hold still...yea, right, she's 8 months old!  Well, the day came...Ava had an army of prayer warriors on her side!  To all of our amazement, including the staff at the imagine center, she held still and we got the Scan!  And 4 days later the results were in, NORMAL!  No macrocephaly, perfect in every way!  Amen!

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